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Olive trifft Dattel

Dattelaufstrich - Olivenöl

Masino and Dattelkönig start cooperation

As of today, our online shop has some special delicacies. Masino Olive Oil is now cooperating with Dattelkönig and also offers its delicacies directly in the Masino online shop.

Dates and olive oil – a heavenly combination

Dates originally come from the Orient, where they are also known as the „bread of the desert“. These fine delicacies have always been in demand. Together with high-quality olive oil, they perfect lovingly prepared antipasti around the globe.

Masion and Dattelkönig in the market

In order to bring Masino olive oils to the people and to hunt down new culinary delights, we recently had a booth in the Wiener Markterei . In the course of this, the cooperation between Dattelkönig and Masino was discussed and from today the time has come:

The specialties from Dattelkönig can now also be discovered directly in our online shop . An impressive taste experience awaits you, regardless of whether you choose the date spread or the particularly exquisite date and grape chutney. Both products are made in Austria with a lot of experience and the greatest perfectionism and go perfectly with antipasti and cheese platters, and couscous and game also promise extraordinary variations.

Masino and Dattelkönig’s journey together began in the Wiener Markterei and today, with the start of placing Dattelkönig products in our online shop, our first interim goal has been reached. We hope that the journey together will last a long time and that you will accompany us on this journey.
Discover the new Dattelkönig delicacies in our online shop now!

Olivenölverkostung in der Markterei, Wien

Markterei Olivenölverkostung Wien

The Markterei, market hall in the Alte Post , March 24-25,

The Markterei is the ideal place to experience food with all your senses, to get to know the story behind the products and to taste them as you please. So it was only a matter of time for Masino to dive into this lifestyle.

We look forward to introducing you to Istria and its culinary secrets. We are looking forward to your impression.

You can find us on Friday and Saturday, March 24th and 25th at Dominikanerbastei 11, 1010 Vienna.

You can find more information about the Markterei itself at www.markterei.at

Olive oil tasting in Vienna

Taste, taste and enjoy olive oil

We carry out olive oil tastings on both days and show you how you can quickly identify and differentiate between good and bad olive oils with a smell and taste test.

olive oil tasting vienna